My impressions on Chuunibyou so far.

So far this season I have been watching 2 things, the Little Busters anime and Chuunibyou, now I will say I have little to no hope for Little Busters as visual novel adaptations are almost always awful to the point where I cannot even stomach to hear they are making one. Anyhow Chuunibyou so far has been rather….Interesting to say the least, the characters are adorable while still maintaining a character while silly and over the top can still be related to be it from having siblings or even friends who act like that depending on your age. Now I will say so far in Chuunibyou I keep finding myself wanting the protagonist to just take the leap and just for a single episode, embrace the Chuunibyou syndrome which roughly equates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome”. People with Chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others while this anime follows the latter part of that definition with the protagonist once believing he was the “Dark Flame Master”.
I don’t plan to type much on the subject as I plan to do a full fledged review once I get halfway though the season and another at the end of it, but I can and will say so far it has the making to be an enjoyable series if things keep the way they are now!

Going on true 2011 blog fashion I have been awake again for 24 hours~ SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE!

A recent post I did!

For any who are interested, I recently posted this over at Sakurahana, It’s a review on a rather interesting visual novel I read through with a lot going for it but also far to many counterbalance problems which inevitably pulled it’s rating down.
I will try my best to post on both blogs now that my free time has increased leaps and bounds and I hope you stick around.

Oh dear god!

Looking back at my older writing, my Capitalization was god awful among other things…I’m truly sorry for everyone who read anything I wrote back then ;_;

Well I might be back.

I have been blogging quite a lot over here:


but quite often I look back here and it irks me how abandoned this is, I may turn this into something useful!

Happy Cirno Day!

Happy Cirno Day!

Answer here

Neglected this blog so bad lately.

Iv had so much going on as of late iv not had a chance to do anything S: but none the less iv gotten over 1k views and for that I am extremely grateful.

Iv started watching Ah my goddess so il have a review on that up on the sakurahana blog soon, remember to check it out!

iv finished my Ar Tonelico review Here! read it and give me feedback on how to improve via the comments!

In other news: Nitro + has licensed SUMAGA to JAST and JAST has obtained seinarukana from xuze! I could not be more stoked than I am now, info is in this blog Here posted by my friend S&M (his name is ScarletMoon….yeah xD) go comment and read it!


Sorry if it seems im just advertising our new blog…but I have little to blog about currently….again im extremely grateful for 1k views and hope it keeps growing and people keep subscribing!


almost 24 hours awake…I need to calm my nerves and take a nap….laters!

Broken CPU charger….life sucks.

so yeah, iv been playing ar tonelico qoga lately (if you have a ps3 and like jrpg’s you MUST buy this) I got it at launch but the sheer length of the game made me fear playing it…iv put at the moment 128 hours and 54 minutes into it and iv got only 1 out of i believe 7 endings… iv said if you like JRPG’s and have a ps3…you MUST MUST MUST buy this game…its fantastic

and my pc charger has to be rigged with tape to charge my CPU…and its hard to get it at the right angel….this sucks D:

so i cant play league of legends…and im god lucky i managed to tape my charger at the right angel to charge my pc full…well thats all…trying to save juice here for in case if i run into a problem in ar tonelico where i NEED a walkthrough (some things are godly hard to figure out) il have the juice in my cpu to finish it….

and im almost to 1k views, im very grateful for all the people who read my stuff, you have my thanks.


and as iv mentioned before im blogging on over Here aswell itsmore structured and well written than this blog by far, as this is just my “i post whatever i feel like proper english be damnd* my username over there is Justin iZ Here, check there regularly and by all means, comment on post and such! we always appreciate it! il have an ar tonelico review up on there soon, check it out and as iv said, feel free to comment and give me feedback!

[Anime] A Channel and my thoughts.

For those of you who don’t know A Channel is a slice of life, comedy, school life anime. Being perfectly honest I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but the characters are amazing and so damn lovable.

if you have not heard of it or seen it, id recommend going to watch it.

You can get some info on it Here.

You can watch it Here.

if you are looking for a care-free, feel good anime…id have to recommend this with no fear….im loving it so much more than I expected, Il have to look into the manga aswell once the anime is finished airing.


EDIT: i should probably mention, the description of the anime sounds like it has yuri tendency, but im not sure why they made the description sound that way its nothing like that. don’t go in expecting strawberry panic.


so yeah, lately in league of legends iv seen:

“hehehe ima insta lock ashe!”

“TANK TANK, SOMEONE PICK A TANK….dont mind i insta locked a range carry….you should tank!”

then when you proceed to not pick a tank:

“omg you noob, tank! we need a tank!”


“if you wanted a tank bad enough why did you insta lockin ashe, you obviously dont care about it to bad”

….”im pro at ashe”


see, i dont get this…people insta lock in carrys not giving a rats ass about them tanking as “ohhhhh i cant deal massive dps as a tank! you do it”

I would happily tank as i like to do so, but when everyone insta locks in DPS and expects the last guy to tank because he was last makes me want to lock in karthus or annie.


yeah, this was a very pointless and mindless rant…but it had to be said.

iv more or less moved shop…..well no not really

iv started blogging on the official blog of the anime website i visit.

thats not to say iv given up on this blog, iv jut had very little things going on lately, so yes I apologize if the post here tend to wane for a while but im just getting use to the 2k word, spell checked ect ect stuff…im use to just writing what ever the hell i feel like…quality be damnd.

my post name is Justin iZ Here, read some blogs and comment. it will help greatly…and by all means if you want to join the blog team shoot me a pm on SH (links in the page on the right)